Harmonia Choir members come from the local area and we meet once a week on a Thursday evening from 19.30 - 21.00 to rehearse. 


The majority of our repertoire sees us singing in three parts; first sopranos, second sopranos and altos, and our members are listed below split into these three sections. 


First sopranos 


Kate Barnard
Kay Carter
Sue Davison

Nic Dunn
Karen Harrington

Lynne Harris
Sue Hine
Amanda Hugill
Jane Jackson

Corinne Reynolds
Ruth Smith
Mary Stevens
Lynn Sunley

Sue Thackray
Sarah Tilston
Frances Wainwright
Esther Warrington
Carol Youngs


Second sopranos


Helen Atkinson
Mary Atkinson
Pauline Calvert
Judy Catterall
Joyce Coupland
Sue Harrison

Carol Hammond
Judy Holmes
Sue Keen
Janine Maw

Sara Paxton
Eve Quinn

Marion Simpson

Jenny Tomlinson
Pam Walls

Tracey Young




Judi Bailey

Anita Brewer

Rachel Campbell-Ricketts

Lindsay Cassedy

Janice Clark

April Cunningham

Alison Eastwood

Lucy Glover

Barbara Jameson

Heather Keehner

Greta Laidler

Marianne Long

Margaret Lukey

Cheryl Midgeley

Judy Sleeman

Terry Tasker

Sue Thornton

Jo Walker

Veronica Whitfield

Lynne Woodburn

Helen Young


"I honestly think that singing in the choir is like therapy for me, and it's one of the things that has helped me keep going through the last few difficult years. I just love it!"

Harmonia Choir member

"I just love it - I love the challenge of the harmonies and the sound we make when we all come together and get it right, and it really is often the highlight of my week."


Harmonia Choir member

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